Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Looking forward to Coniston. Any ideas for walks?


  1. Most of us Old Men have done the Old Man and some may be happy to do it again. It's the obvious first choice for first-timers at Coniston. Personally, I would prefer an alternative for the Saturday ball-breaker. There's a 'circular' walk from Coniston to Wetherlam, partly incorporating a B team walk to Levers Water (which, with Coniston Crags, could be a Friday warm-up instead). Also, we have the Cumbria Way to Tarn Hows. Others will have different ideas and I look forward to the debate

  2. Hi All
    I have a idea for a Friday Walk - no scree runs but "a delightful scramble". Starting at Tilberthwaite and climbing to Wetherlam via Steel Edge (the scramble) or not! There are alternatives!. Described in an article in Cumbria Magazine as "Was this Wainwright's Secret?"
    Lunch at the Three Shires in Little Langdale and gentle walk back via Black Crag if you like. I'll post maps/gpx files if anyone is interested.

  3. Happy to go with flow, but am keen to do Old Man at some stage as haven’t done it before.
    And would seem rude not to do so as we are so close by. Pushing it maybe, but if Saturday is to be Mike’s or other walk, then could it be done on Friday? I think there’s a “Route one” that takes a couple of hours each way.

    “Going ape” looks fun but my preference would be shortish walk on Sunday followed by lunch in view of long trek back south.

  4. Steve
    Basically I am happy to follow your suggestion for Friday. It also gives us a rendezvous for lunchtime.
    The main benefit of climbing Coniston Old Man is the ridge walk up to Swirl How and beyond for little additional effort.
    Subject to weather I will be doing this on Saturday.
    Happy to Go Ape.

  5. Hi All

    The options for my proposal for Friday as I see it are as follows:

    Main focus is Lunch @ The Three Shires, Little Langdale (Open all day but food until 2.00pm).
    This gives us s rendezvous place.

    I am staying in Lowick Green on Thursday Night so can do an early start Friday.

    If we were to say meet 10.30am at Tilberthwaite Car Park then early risers (and those who don't want to drink and drive) can walk from Coniston leaving there at approx 9.00am
    (Walk 1: Coniston to Tilberthwaite Car Park via Yewdale Fells: 2.5m say 90min ).

    At 10.30am we can take a view as to the weather etc and either do Steel Edge/Wetherlam.Langdale (Walk 2: 4.5m 150min 626m ascent) getting to the Three Shires at 1.00pm. By the way those not wishing to do the Edge can take the easier path up to Birk Fell from the top of Tilberthwaite Ghyll (Walk 3) or shorter lower-level routes below.

    Alternatively, in bad weather or for a shorter walk Tilberthwaite -Birk Fell Gill - Greenburn - Langdale (Walk 4: 2.6m 80min) so about 12.00pm at the Three Shires. Or via Moss Rigg (Walk 5) even shorter.

    Later arrivals who want a short walk can park at Tilberthwaite and do either of the short walks 4/5 above and then walk back to Consiston/Tilberthwaite and/or or get a lift to pick up cars.

    Others can of course just meet for lunch at the Three Shires and do the afternoon walk below (or not!)

    And finally, if you don't want to drink and drive but want a shortish walk:
    The Coniston Ramber Bus 505 runs at 20 past the hour from outside the Crown Inn in Coniston. Alight at Skelwith Fold walk to Skelwith Bridge and take the Cumbria Way to Little Langdale (Walk 6: 3.5m 90min. Bus takes 30min So to make lunch you need to get the 10.22 or 11.22am bus from the Crown.

    Afternoon return to Coniston via Tarn Hows for those with stamina (Walk 7: 4.5m 120min)

    Hopefully, lots of combinations I think for everybody and incorporating maybe Mike's suggestion of a "non-ball breaker" including Yewdale Fells (and avoiding Wetherlam!) pre-lunch and Tarn Hows (post lunch)..... or just Lunch!!

    Both James W, Ben John K. and Paul (see above) and I'm sure a few others want to do the Old Man so I guess that's Saturday but will look at options including Dow Crag and Walna Scar.

    Sunday could be Boat - Beacon Fell/Tarn and lunch at WIlson Arms Torver (as suggested ny James M.) or maybe short walk and drive for lunch at the Beer Hall Staveley (close to M6)

    Or ......"Go Ape"

    If anyone wants maps/pics/gpx files/timetables let me know.

    1. Steve
      All fine by me.
      I will need to arrange our ETA once I know who is with me

  6. Steve
    You seem to have Friday covered with plenty of alternatives, so 3 shires attainable by most. It has to be some variation on Old Man for Saturday and Sunday can be decided during the Sat night session.
    If there is room please can I join you and Mike. Otherwise let me know ETA and whether its at the Crown or Tilberthwaite.

  7. Curls you are welcome to come with us. We will set off v early on frday am. I would like to walk to Tiberthwaite- no car!

  8. Sounds like you've got it all planned well Steve! Thanks. I have booked a table for 13:00 at the 3 shires. Myself and Mr M will meet you at 9am in Coniston. It may be worth sending the alternatives for Friday to the e-mail distribution, as some people may not be aware of the blog (I know dad hadn't looked at it).

    James M

  9. Happy to go with the flow. Coniston Old Man is fine by me. I am not sure of my arrangements for Friday yet. I will sort out what James Murphy is doing as we have talked about travelling up together.
    See you then
    John M

  10. Thanks John. My instinct was to walk from Coniston. Let me know the time.

  11. Curls
    OK Leave at 7.30am and set off from Coniston 9.00am

  12. For those meeting at Tilberthwaite Car Park:

    Post Code: LA21 8DG
    Lat Long : 54.400, -3.070
    Grid Ref: NY30630101

    From the M6 (South) via Ambleside, A593

    M6 to junction 36 Turn left onto the A590 and then follow A591 until Windermere
    Follow the A591 all the way into Ambleside. At traffic lights at Waterhead bear left on A593 by the head of the Lake and take next turn left signposted to Coniston A593. After about 6 miles you will go past a small tarn next to the road, then Yew Tree farm a little way after and then past a road signposted to Hodge Close. Take the next right signposted to Tilberthwaite (quite a tight corner), this is a narrow twisty road which you need to follow right up the hill and down until you come to a parking area on your left hand side just before the road goes over the river.

    From the M6 (South) via A590, Newby Bridge and Coniston

    From the M6 follow the A590 to Barrow. Keep on the A590 until you see the sign for the A5092 to Workington, Whitehaven and The Western Lake District at Greenodd. Turn right onto this road – past the Esso garage. After about 2 miles, take the A5084 to Coniston. After 6 miles you will reach a T-junction. Turn right to Coniston. Follow this road into and through Coniston and for a mile or two out the other side. Take the first left turn marked Tilberthwaite, this is a narrow twisty road which you need to follow right up the hill and down until you come to a parking area on your left hand side just before the road goes over the river.

  13. Thanks Greeny - your walk suggestions and car park directions very helpful. FYI - Martin, George and I are aiming for Tilberthwaite but not leaving London area until 6am so will be there by 11am at best and will decide on arrival whether walk 3,4 or 5 will get us to pub by 1pm. So see you on the way maybe and certainly in the pub.

  14. Paul
    Okay fine I hope you have a good journey.
    FYI James and Ben are leaving Northampton early to aim for Tilberthwaite for 10.30am but it may be 11.00 ish. In which case I may hang around to wait for them to arrive.


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