Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Fw: Walking Weekend June 11 12 2010

Dear All
I am pleased to confirm that I have booked the venue for 2010.

This will be the Charles Cotton Hotel, Market Place, Hartington, Derbyshire SK17 0AL.
Hartington is in the middle of the Peak District with walking from the front door.
I ruled out four other possibilities in the Peak District.

There are thirteen of us and I have compromised on room allocations to fit us in for a price of £105 per head for two nights dinner bed and breakfast. The booking includes one room for four and one for three. I will allocate rooms in due course. Drinks will be extra!! I propose that we each pay the same charge and I have paid a deposit of £20 per head to confirm the booking.
Updates will follow as necessary. This year's weekend will take some beating, but we will give it our best shot.>
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Askrigg, Sunday, June 14, 2009 - Addle(d)..brough

Sunday - our last day - the sun was still shining, John K. suggested a stroll up the most obvious local hill - Addlebrough at 480 m. There was a full turnout as we set off up the permissive path out of Thornton Rust. Having read the rules allowing a 'permissive path' .....Curls claimed that they included a ban on 'silliness'!!
The walk proved a relatively gentle - apart from the last 200 metres - stroll across some fairly featureless countryside - with the only real sound coming from the curlews. It gave a good opportunity to chat and finally enjoy a really good view of Wensleydale and Semer Water. On the way back down, we continued to follow the signposted path through the fields until unaccountably we came across an area which looked as though it had been specially planted as a nature reserve - so despite the obstacles of climbing over the fences both in and out, we trampled our way through this - only to spot the path which went round the outside as we emerged!
Finally, we walked back along the road into Thornton Rust. Here Paul and Martin had to set off for the long drive back down south, but the rest of us were able to sample one more Dales pub, the Fox and Hounds at West Witton. Again we struck lucky and enjoyed a beer and a sandwich in the sunshine, reflecting that it would be good to spend the afternoon there, but all good things have to come to an end, so we eventually set off back home.

A really good weekend - perhaps without a single 'ball-breaker' but with 3 day's walking with the whole group - thanks Chris.
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Askrigg - Saturday, June 13, 2009 - Old Geezers go silly and Old Peculiar in Muker

Saturday dawned with the sun shining brightly, slightly later the team assembled for breakfast. A walk from Muker was on the agenda for the day, but Fred's knee was playing up so he was only able to act as driver. We duly arrived at Muker in Swaledale and set off up to join the Pennine Way ... along Kisdon Side up towards Keld. (I was a bit disappointed that we couldn't visit the little village of Angram which of course was one letter short of an anagram - there has to be a joke there somewhere if you see a postman!)
The initial path out of Muker was fairly steep but soon joined the Pennine Way running along above the dale until we crossed across the dale to the waterfall where we had our butties - interrupted only by a flying armada of midges.
We set off back down the dale and shortly came to a possible detour - described as an interesting scramble, where the path went uphill past Crackpot Hall to the top of Swinner Gill. Curls and John M. were tempted, the rest of us were more attracted by the lower levels. We paused, at the bottom of Swinner Gill watching some students busily taking water samples and wondering whether they would be affected by some of our party adding to the water flow slightly upstream!

Eventually, we re-united to tackle the final walk into Muker and miraculously as we arrived at the only pub - the Farmers' Arms we managed to find a couple of tables outside in the sunshine.

The next couple of hours showed up a slight weakness in our planning, in that :-

a) The sun was shining and we had all found a seat

b) It was only early afternoon - and we'd walked far enough to develop a thirst

c) - and most critically - they served Old Peculier

Old Peculiars at the
Farmer's Arms Muker

There was some debate as to whether the southerners amongst us should be allowed to sample it, but nonetheless, a number of pints were supped.
As we sat there - and I swear this was nothing to do with the beer - a bus turned up, proudly marked as the Little Red Bus - but painted white!! Eventually, we realised that, for the benefit of the drivers we should return to the White Rose.

Ensconced back in their beer garden - Curls spent some time developing a new concept. Basically, it seemed to revolve around the fact that if you drank 5 pints the next one would count as your first and you could truthfully report you'd only had one. He seemed very satisfied with this!

After an enjoyable day, it was time again for dinner. The general concensus was that it had been a good day not least because the whole group had completed the walk together. Chris was congratulated on an excellent choice of area and accommodation and John K. was duly 'elected' to become the chairman for the following year.
Following our meal again the survivors joined Martin for some songs, and as our party gradually retired to bed, the singing was bolstered by the locals.
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Askrigg, Friday, June 12, 2009 - A proper pub

Fred having volunteered to drive Pete and myself (Alan), we arrived safely at Askrigg only a couple of minutes after our 10.30 am target, sun was shining, all was right with the world. We were immediately impressed to see that Chris had got the ale situation well under control... with not one, but two drays making deliveries to the White Rose as we arrived. (Slightly concerned that one of them seemed to be delivering John Smith's!)
John K., Mike and Curls were there waiting for us and we were soon off on the first half of the day's walking up Mill Gill to Mill Gill Force and Whitfield Gill Force. Despite his retirement from teaching, Curls was determined to educate us and showed us the water supply which ran from Mill Gill to a generator installed in a small barn which supplied the first domestic electricity in the UK. There was much speculation, as to where they would have bought their light bulbs etc., but we were duly impressed. One or two of us noted the use of ducting/gravity to transport liquids - a subject to which we were to return.
Lesson over we continued onward and upward, negotiating a series of extremely narrow stiles/squeezes through the field walls - never realised how tight these Tykes were! At the top of the gill we eventually followed a path which in winter would probably have provided a fine view of Whitfield Gill Force but in June only trees and bushes! Returning back down we had a better view of Mill Gill as we crossed the footbridge back to Low Straights Lane and eventually back down to Askrigg for lunch at the White Rose.
Now joined by Paul and Martin (I think I got the timing right) the initial sorties were made to the bar - pints of Askrigg all round (brewed in a shed just behind the hotel) - although there seemed some doubt if the landlady would serve Mike as he was obviously a southerner! A second round was required to allow a comparison with Black Sheep - not a bad line up!
After a bite of lunch we set off for an afternoon stroll past Newbiggin to Woodhall and then back along the disused railway line to Askrigg. Just as we re-entered the village came across the Crown and we felt that it wouldn't be right to pass by on the other side - pints of McMullen's AK all round. Service by one of the customers, because the landlord was busy elsewhere, summed up for me a 'proper' pub.
Finally, got back to the White Rose where we were duly joined by Roger and John M. - so the party was complete - although Greeny was sadly unable to join us this year. Sat in the sunshine reflecting upon how the Askrigg was transported from the 'shed' to the bar. It was believed that a wheelbarrow was involved, but it was felt that without baffles this could be subject to some spillage - as the sunshine and beer improved the thought processes - we wondered if they could utilise the pipes from the hydro-electric generator Curls had told us about.
We ate in the White Rose and generally felt the food/choice was good. Some of us discovered the pool table and darts in the residents' lounge, Roger demonstrating the combined benefits of a misspent youth and a good memory, then the survivors joined Martin for some music to round off a full day, with perhaps the best turnout for the Friday Walk.
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Friday, 19 June 2009

Welcome to the New Old Geezers blog

Please feel free to add reports,comments, post your pictures,news etc. More instructions here ...

I have replaced the old blog, with the aim of making it simple and easy for old geezers, if they wish, to add pictures/reports etc. If you need instructions let me know. You can also just e-mail your posts or pictures directly to the blog(email me for the blog email address). Be careful to remove any personal detail email/tel nos etc from the body of the email. See examples below.
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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Fw: Walking Weekend 2009

Attached are a couple of pics.
Martin .....

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Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fw: Walking Weekend 2010

Dear All

While the force is still with us, I would like to confirm that I will be booking accommodation ...... on 11 and 12 June 2010. Will you please confirm whether you will be joining us for the weekend.



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