Monday, 6 June 2011

Fw: Walking weekend

Subject: Re: Walking weekend

Hi chaps - I'm not prepared to declare my hand about Saturday yet - however - are there any plans for Friday? - although Fred can't make it until the evening, Pete and I are planning for a morning start.

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Fw: Walking weekend


I'm gonna give it a go. In for a penny and all that. I'm driving down with my dad so we should be there late afternoon.
See you all there!

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Fw: Walking weekend

Good evening chaps.
I am happy to be the first to declare that I am not walking up and down Snowdon but intend to take the train up and walk down.
The train goes from Llanberis which is about six miles from the hotel and takes about an hour but I am sure you have all had a look at their website. I plan to book a ticket for 10.30 and if any other 'B' teamers want to join me let know and I will book tickets.
My thinking is that if the good people of Wales went to the trouble of running a railway line up to the summit, it would be rude not to make use of it. That is my excuse, anyway.
See you all on friday
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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Fw: Snowdonia

Hi Folks
Jim B can't make it due to family reasons so I have agreed the following with the hotel:
Steve now shares with Peter, so James now just shares with daddy and upgrades to a proper bed. The additional £40 total cost of this is reduced by giving James the £23 deposit Jim's already paid. Jim is happy with this (as he should be!).
Hope this is OK.
See you there!
Mike P.
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